Criteria and selection process

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criteria and selction processCriteria and Selection process
Based on the explanation provided earlier, we organized our selection process to look for sustainable and responsible investment following 3 steps and 2 different ways.
First of all we decided as a part of our philosophy, to determine what non sustainable investment is and reduce by this the investment universe. We want that ourinvestors are sure of our sustainable responsibility since this is our main objectives. We hence develop a sustainable research department, which is entitled to define what sustainability is and update the list of criteria based on their research on the sector and update list of companies which are or not in the universe we want.
Based on this research, we figured out that these sectors and by thatall companies growing in these sectors are by definition non sustainable:

While making selection out of the all list of company is based on portfolio management and transparency and sustainability of the company that each of our manager have to proceed and explain before deciding. However the first list of company is not only based on these criteria but also on a process of three steps asexplained before:

Hence, based on the approach defined earlier, we make a close selection of few investments in different sectors and company. Following the principle of diversification, we believe however that the best sustainable investment is based on focus on some few companies on a long term basis.
Thus, given this point, we come up with the following selection of Bonds, Equity, Mixed equityand Pioneer Fund.
Regarding Bonds:
Through our portfolio, you can invest in listed companies that combine a strong financial position with solid social and environmental performance. In addition to the usual risk and return analysis, we make a thorough assessment of how sustainable these companies are.
Abertis Infraestructuras
Best in class - Transportation, Spain
Abertis Infraestructurasmanages mobility and telecommunications infrastructures. It is especially known for its toll roads, airports and car parks. The company makes very positive efforts with respect to the environment, which is all very relevant due to the nature of the company’s activities. It conducts many programs in order to reduce its own ecological footprint, but also that of its suppliers: for instance, it uses afair amount of solar energy for its operations.
Best in class - Country
Austria is a country with a well functioning democracy and a government that looks after the well-being of its citizens. The country is not subject to international sanctions and has signed and ratified important international conventions.
Compass Group
Best in class - Restaurants, United Kingdom
Compass Groupprovides contract foodservice, serving about 4 billion meals a year to people at work. The company also provides support services such as cleaning, reception services and building maintenance. Interestingly, as a service provider, the company's performance on social issues lags behind its industry peers.
Crédit Foncier
Best in class - Financials, France
Real estate financer Crédit Foncier deFrance (CFF) is owned by Caisses d'Épargne Participations, an affiliate of French bank Group BPCE. Important sustainability issues for this company are related to the nature of its investments. The company subscribes to the Group Caisse d'Épargne's social and environmental policy "Bénéfices Futur", which has four key programs: fighting against climate change, favoring social responsible investment,promoting responsible marketing and modernizing its role as a solidarity-based bank.
With regards to Equity:
Best in class - Commercial and Professional Services, Switzerland
Adecco is the world’s largest employment agency, providing temporary staffing services, permanent employee placement, project assistance, career services consulting, outplacement, outsourcing and other human...
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