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Principles of Management

Chile Customs
Chile is an interesting country that has customs, behaves and traditions completely different from the American. For example, in Chile some simplegestures have a completely different meaning from other countries. Slapping your right fist into your left open palm is obscene and disrespectful, and open palm with finger splayed means “stupid”. In thehistory side, the Spanish were the first explorers in Chile; they were seeking for gold and silver. However, the Spanish’s found a very fertile valley. During the nineteenth century, Chile expandedits territories. In Chile, information is readily accepted for the purpose of discussion. Negotiations may be extensive, with little movement from the initial position. Chileans educated abroad or inforeign business methods may process information conceptually and analytically, but most are associative in the thinking. Typically, Chileans see each difficulty as having an individual solution ratherthan seeing to a universal rule or law. In traditional negotiations, Chileans consider feelings more important than fact. The truth is considered to be particular and personal. Additionally, faith isa strong catholic or protestant ideology may form the basis for truth. On a philosophical level, Chileans consider each individual to have equal rights, and no law needs to be passed to ensure thisequality.
Punctuality is essential in Chile. Be punctual at meetings. Punctuality is expected especially from North Americans. Do not be offended, however, if your counterpart is up to thirty minuteslate. On the other hand, everyone (including foreigners) is expected to arrive at social functions late. Be at least fifteen minutes late to a dinner and thirty minutes late to a party. Remember thatmany Europeans and South Americans write the day first, then the month, then the year, this is the case in Chile. The best times to make appointments are from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 and 2:30 to 5:00...