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  • Publicado : 24 de junho de 2012
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COODETEC - Cooperative Agricultural Research Center

The history of Coodetec is linked to the modernization process of Brazilian agribusiness. The center grew out of concern for farmers instrategically develop their own technologies and soybean, wheat and corn hybrids, and participate more actively in scientific and technological development of agribusiness. It all began in 1974 whenOcepar - Organization of Cooperatives of the State of Paraná, has created its Research Department, focused on research and development of new varieties and hybrids in the State of Paraná. In 1995, theCooperative decided to extend the project by creating Coodetec - Cooperative Agricultural Research Center, which absorbed the work and the gene pool so far developed, starting to have breadth acrossthe country. The Director of Coasul President, Mr Paulino Capelin Fachin, participated in this training as a great supporter of Coodetec, advocating the formation of the same.

About the Company"Generate and commercialize innovative technologies aimed at agribusiness, preserving the environment and meeting the people". This is the mission of Coodetec. The Cooperative is a technology basedcompany focused on agriculture, 100% national and exclusive property of 180mil 36 farmers affiliated to the most outstanding Production Cooperatives in the country 
The modern research laboratoriesand biotechnology Coodetec home to one of the largest germplasm banks private property in the country 
Find and develop new cultivars and hybrids with higher yield potential, most cost-effective,resistant to diseases, pests and weather conditions and adapted to the climate and soil of each region is the goal of Coodetec. Areas Search Coodetec    Phytopathology    Seeds    Soil Fertility Managementand    Plant    Biotechnology    Technological Diffusion    Entomology    Breeding. Our structure Coodetec is headquartered in Cascavel (PR), which maintains headquarters, whose structure includes...