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Personal relationships are influenced by:
Rules: guide how partners communicate and interpret each other's communication.
Relationship dialectics: opposing and continuous tensions that are normal inall close relationships.
Surrounding contexts: anything that surrounds the relationship that influences interaction between people.
Commitment:is the decision to remain with a relationship.Features of Personal Relationships
Uniqueness: it's the particular people and what they create between them defining their connection. Unlike social relationships, personal ones are unique, and partnersare irreplaceable.
Passion: is an intense feeling based on the rewards of involvement with another person. The sparks and the emotional high of being in love or discovering a newfriend stem from it.
Investment: what we put into a relationship that we could not retrieve if the relationship were to end. Commitment grows out of it.

Relationship rules: they are:
constitutiverules: define what is expected in certain kinds of relationship, the meaning, and when, how or what circumstances various kinds of comm are appropriate.
regulative rules: govern interaction byspecifying when and with whom engage in various kinds of comm.

Affected by contexts: personal relationships are not isolated form the world. INstead, the surrounding of relationships influence interactionbetween people.
3 Main types of dialects
Autonomy/connection: involves the desire to be separate, on the ne hand, and to be connected, on the other, the opposition of which creates tension.Novelty/predictability: is the opposition of the desire for familiar routines and the desire for novelty.
Openness/closedness: involves the desire for openness in tension with the desire for privacy.
6stages of friendship
Role-limited interaction: the way friendships begin. At this stage, we rely on standard social rules and roles.
Friendly relations: each person checks the other out to see...