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Pixlr Handout : Jayne Salisbury August 2010

Pixlr Photo Editing Handout
What is Pixlr?
Pixlr is an online image editor, which allows you to upload images and edit them in a browser. It is similar to Photoshop (but without the expensive price tag.) Note: Flash plug-in is required to get it to work. Pixlr allows you to edit images on the Web, so if you have a camera full of photos that youwant to upload to Schoolwires, but need to resize them first, Pixlr can help you do the job. Even better, if you need to do color correction, add filters, insert some text, or crop the photo, Pixlr can do that as well. Pixlr also allows you to upload images directly from your system or from a URL, so if the images you'd like to edit are already on the Web, you can grab them, work with them, and savethem when you're done. The service allows you to save images as either JPG or PNG images. Unfortunately, you can't save images to the Web or publish them directly to other services, but you can download them when you're finished and upload them to your Schoolwires teacher page when you are finished.

Getting Started with Pixlr
  Open browser and type in in search engine. SelectPixlr Editor. (Note: Pixlr Express is also available for beginners and quick fixes. For Pixlr Grabber, you can extend the Pixlr experience boy downloading the extension to either Mozilla Foxfire or Google Chrome.)

Getting to know the Pixlr Home Screen (1) Toolbox (2) Tool Options (3) Navigator (4) Layers (5) History


Pixlr Handout : Jayne Salisbury August 2010

(1) The Toolbox
Thetoolbox contains the common used tools that used on specific areas of the image. Select a tool by clicking the icon. If you hover over the button a few seconds, you get a tool-tip with the tool name.

Move tool (V) Marquee tool (M) Lasso tool (L) Crop tool (C) Clone Stamp tool (S) Eraser tool (E) Gradient tool Color replacement tool Blur tool (R) Smudge tool (U) Dodge tool (O) Red eye reductionBloat tool (A) Color picker tool (I) Sharpen tool (Y) Sponge tool (P) Burn tool (N) Drawing tool Pinch tool (K) Type tool (T) Zoom tool (Z) Wand tool (W) Pencil tool Brush tool (B) Paint bucket tool (G)

Hand tool (H) Set foreground color

Set background color


Pixlr Handout : Jayne Salisbury August 2010

Tool Name: Definition:
Bloat tool (A) Blur tool (R) Brush tool (B) The bloattool lets you “grow” areas of the image such as an eyeball or lips. Blurs an area of the image using any brush you select. The Brush tool allows you to select a brush, choose its characteristics, including size, shape, spacing, roundness, hardness, angle, diameter, mode, opacity, and more, and then use the brush for various types of artwork. The Burn tool is used to darken areas of an image or print.Lets you duplicate any area in an image and "paint" that area over any other part of the image. The color picker tool lets you sample colors from the image and set it in the main or alternative color pad. By holding down you set the alternative color. Select a new color in the main color pad (bottom of the toolbox). Start drawing on the color you want to replace with the new color. Lets youremove extraneous portions of an image by selecting a specific portion of the image and deleting the area outside of it. Used to darken areas of an image or print. Used for drawing free-hand shapes. Erases to the background layer by dragging the mouse. Fills a closed object with a range of colors that fade into each other. Allows you to scroll through an image that doesn't fit completely in theviewing window. It's like using the scroll bards at the bottom and right side of the window, except you do the moving with the mouse by dragging. When the Hand tool is chosen, the cursor becomes a hand. Lets you draw around an object using curves and line segments. Allows you to select portions of an object, file, photo, or subject for editing. Allows you to move a selected part of an image, align...
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