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  • Publicado : 5 de novembro de 2011
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Primary research
Understanding dyslipidemia market and commercial opportunity for a molecule in Phase II in Brazil
October - December 2011

The Brazilian pharmaceutical market represents todayone of the biggest growth potential for pharma companies. Among the BRIC countries, Brazil is the best prepared to offer immediate growth as it has health systems and infrastructure in place andfunctioning with a better performance than China, India and Russia. Its regulatory system also allows new drugs to be registered and commercialized in the country in reasonable timing and approval processesthat follow similar procedures adopted in the US and the European countries.
However the Brazilian pharma market is quite complex. The market is divided in two main segments: private and publicsector. From the 200 million inhabitants, only 20% has some kind of private insurance and the remaining 160 million people rely on the public coverage. The private sector has a large range of providers,from top premium to “popular/low cost-low coverage” ones. Most of the drugs prescribed in this private sector are paid directly by the patient/family. Some HMOs offer drugs copayment coverage ordiscount over the drug pharmacy tag price. The public scene has some centers of excellence with high quality service, but in general the health service provided is poor: it lacks physicians, nurses, all kindof health service professionals; it offers only the basic treatments and medications, lacks proper physical infrastructure and equipments. The Brazilian government offers some basic medication forthe low income population for free or charging very low prices. Those drugs are dispensed in a public drugstore chain or in private drugstore chains with a public license to distribute/sale the samefree/cheap medication. Most of the drugs included in this program list are generics. Still in the public arena, the Brazilian government health policies have a strong focus on the prevention and...