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I'd like to talk about the history and some curiosities of Coca-Cola.I chosen this subject because this famous drink have a lot of curiosities,some funnycuriosities and other bad,that is nice to know and think better when you consume a lot of this drink.
And I'm going to tell when it began,who created,and some bad things too.As the excess ofquimic and conserving.And try to give new information about this refeshment.


Coca-Cola is the most famous drink,have approximately 70percentual of selling this drink,and is the third most consumed,losing to water and coffee.
The first bottle of Coke was sold on Mat 1886,in Atlant.Whilom was sold like syrup,and the pricewas just $5 cents.In Brazil,this drink came in 1941.
Nowadays,every ten second,126 thousand people drink Coke.Some people are addict in this drink,Mexico is the country that consumesmore,being served in 675 cups per person per year.
But this drink case some health problems,if consumed without preoccupation,the risk of become obese is high.The correct is avoiddrinking,but if you can't do it,try to drink socially


The research was based on reading magazines,articles on the internet,and on watching videos.It tookme more than one month to get the information,prepare the texts,and get the project done.First I researched some texts about Coca-Cola,and watched videos,then I read and took notes tobe shown in PowerPoint.


My presentation will be passed on a slide show.I will give some curiosities about Coke,show funny pictures,show video about the firstCoca Cola's commercial.I will talk about this popular drink,giving information like: when and where started to produce,and I'm going to talk about some myths that almost people beliave.
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