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Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile Robot Localization
Camilo Christo, Carlos Cardeira IDMEC/IST, Technical University of Lisbon Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal {cchristo, cardeira} Abstract
Sensors networks with some intelligence have been proposed for supporting mobile robot navigation systems in indoor environments. However, a standard method of communicationamong the sensor networks and the mobile robots still doesn’t exist and the introduction of new robots in a certain environment can be a difficult task. In this paper, we present a practical example that uses the emerging standard Web Services technology for communication and seamless integration of mobile robots and intelligent sensor networks, which is used for robot localization purposes.

In a few years, autonomous mobile robots (MRs) will proliferate and become an important part of our daily lives. In our buildings MRs have possible applications in visits of labs and museums, material handling or even in the assistance of people in hospitals [1, 2, 5, 6]. 1.1 Localization

One of the keys for the mobile robot (MR) success in the accomplishment of these tasks istheir navigation system. A robust navigation system depends on the correct knowledge of their position in the environment. The Global Position Systems (GPS) it is a good localization system but most work for outdoor MRs. Assisted GPS (A-GPS) for indoor use is still emerging [14]. To obtain the information of the indoor environment, the MRs need a great amount of sensors for the location and detectionof obstacles and the use of a high computational power. However, the navigation capabilities of the MRs continues limited by the obstacles that it finds because the robot has not a global view of the entire environment. If the odometry fails the robot needs an easy and fast way to know where it is. Therefore, it is important to create systems for navigation that can report the MRs localization andinformation about obstacles. Indoor global positioning Systems (iGPS) and intelligent spaces (ISpace) for the MRs localization or control inside buildings have been studied to find a solution for some problems above referred [1, 2, 8, 9, 10].

1.2 SOA for Localization Despite many developments, a common and standard method of communication among the intelligent networks and MRs still doesn’texist and the introduction of new robots into an environment can be a difficult task. For example a MR tuned for a particular network, cannot be used easily and immediately in another network. Specialized devices coupled using closed nets (proprietary networks) are an obstacle to the integration of physical and functional agents. An alternative to the closed nets are the emerging Web Services (WS). WSare growing quickly and opening new opportunities for the enterprises integration and have a great potential for the integration of intelligent mechatronic devices and for the distributed intelligence [13]. As presented in [11], the integration of the resources in the enterprises can be made through the virtualization. Each resource (devices, processes and applications) is virtualized as a WS.Through this process all systems are exposed as WS that can offer their services and functionalities in standard Web environments. In this paper, we join the emerging standard WS with the ISpace networks to allow the introduction, modification and configuration of MRs in the environment in a fast, seamless and easy way. All services and capabilities of the ISpace networks are virtualized as a standardWS making possible the communication among resources even if the resources use different software or operating systems. This paper is organized as follows: Section 2 describes the ISpace concepts. In Section 3, underlying principles of the WS technologies are concisely present and we illustrate how to expose the ISpace services and functionalities as a WS. In Section 4 a simple practical...
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