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MEMORIAL Human Rights Center
Migration Rights Network

by Svetlana A. Gannushkina


July 2005 – July 2006


The project is funded by the European Commission

Based on the materials gathered by the Migration RightsNetwork,
Memorial Human Rights Center,
Civic Assistance Committee,
Internet Publication Caucasian Knot,
SOVA Information and Analysis Center, and others

S.A. Gannushkina, Head of the Migration Rights Network,
Chairwoman of the Civic Assistance Committee
L.Sh. Simakova, compiler of the Report

Other contributors tothe Report included: A. Barakhoyev,
Ye. Burtina,
S. Magomedov,
Ye. Ryabinina, and
Sh. Tangiyev

The Migration Rights Network of Memorial Human Rights Center has 56 offices providing free legal assistance to forced migrants,including five offices located in Chechnya and Ingushetia (
In Moscow lawyers from the Migration Rights Network use the charitable Civic Assistance Committee for Refugee Aid as their base (

ISBN 5-93439-206-9

Circulated free of charge


I. Introduction 5
II. Living Conditions and theSecurity Situation of Internally Displaced Persons
and Residents of the Chechen Republic 8
III. The Situation of People from Chechnya in the Republic of Ingushetia 19
IV. The Situation of People from Chechnya in Russia’s Regions 24
V. Abductions of Civilians in the Military Conflict Zone in the North Caucasus 38
VI. Conclusion 51
VII. Appendices 53
Appendix 1. Campaignto Shut Down TAPs in the Chechen Republic 54
Appendix 2. Crime-Fighting Technology or About the Usefulness of Conferences 57
Appendix 3. Report by a Duty Officer of the Shelkovskaya ROVD about
a Special Operation in the Stanitsa of Borozdinovskaya 59
Appendix 4. Sweeping Passport Checks in CAPs in Ingushetia in April 2006 60
Appendix 5.Detention of the Tsechoyev Brothers and Yu. Khashiyev
in a Kadiyat Building 62
Appendix 6. Detentions at Tsentr-Kamaz CAP 64

Appendix 7. Special Operation in Yug-Agrosnab CAP 65

Appendix 8. Mine Incidents Involving Civilians in Ingushetia 69
Appendix 9. Open Letter to President of Ingushetia Murat Zyazikov 70
Appendix 10. On the Situation ofIDPs on the Territory of the Volgograd Region 73
Appendix 11. The Story of Adam Chitayev, an Applicant to the Strasbourg Court 75
Appendix 12. The Story of Abduction and Escape of Roman Mussayev 78
Appendix 13. Harassment of Zara Shamsutdinova’s Family 80
Appendix 14. Abduction and Slaughter of the Umayev Brothers 81
Appendix 15. Abduction of Six Residents ofthe Village of Novye Atagi 83
Appendix 16. Abductions of Teenagers 84
Appendix 17. Abduction and Killing of Uvais Dolakov 85
Appendix 18. About the Abduction of M.I. Dzortov and His Confinement
in the Vladikavkaz SIZO 87
Appendix 19. The Mukhayev-Gamayev Case 88
Appendix 20. The Response Letter from the CR Prosecutor’s Office Concerningthe Release of the Dead Body of М. Muradov 91
Appendix 21. The Response Letter from the CR Prosecutor’s Office
to Ella Pamfilova Concerning the Abduction of Israilov and Chilayev 92
Appendix 22. Recommendations to the Leaders of the G8 Meeting in St Petersburg 93

List of Abbreviations

CR – the Chechen Republic
RI – the...