Causes and effects: alcohol x body

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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2012
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Alcohol X Body

If you've seen one person who drank too much, you know that alcohol is a drug that has effects that spread through the body and vary from person to person. People who drink tend tobe the "life of the party" or they may become sad and droopy. His manner of speech may be indistinct and they may have trouble walking. Everything depends on the amount of alcohol consumed, theperson's history with alcohol and personality. Although all the causes of alcoholism have not yet been discovered, it is believed that one factor is heredity, be the children of alcoholic parents are morepredisposed to developing the disease. Alcoholism or Alcohol Dependence Syndrome, is now a disease with physical and social consequences more damaging. It affects the physical, emotional, spiritual, aswell as family, friends, social, financial, professional, ie, it affects everything. It is also responsible for the high number of homicides, suicides, accidents, traffic and one of the champions ofhospital and clinic and hospital readmissions.

Of course, one must pay attention to the causes of physical addiction to alcohol, but it is also important to take into account the psychologicalneeds that lead the person to take refuge in unconsciousness of its effects. In most cases, the disease is contracted during adolescence, a phase in which they seek approval and greater security as adefense to feel accepted by their social group. Mostly, though not all take the addiction to the extreme youth, alcoholics begin drinking to feel more secure or funny among friends. In our culture, a doseis a practice associated with any celebration; the good times or fun, and therefore, attracts teenagers in particular. With time, everything becomes a reason to drink, good or bad times, reunioncelebrations or farewells. The alcoholic thinks using alcohol to solve their problems, without realizing that multiplies its physical and emotional discomforts and becomes dependent on alcohol for all,...