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Use the correct form of the verb in parentheses in each sentence. Choose only the Simple Present (ex.: He writes), the Continuous Present(ex.: He is writing), or the Perfect Present tense (ex.: He has written).

1. Mr. Howell has worked/ has been working for the ACME Company for nine years. (work)
Mr. Howell works for the ACMECompany every day. (work)
Mr. Howell worked for the ACME Company for 9 years until 1990. (work)

2. The two mechanics are finishing the work right now. (finish)
The two mechanicsfinish the work at 6. (finish)

3. It rains very much in this region in the spring. (rain)
It has rained very much in this region this month. (rain)
It rained very much in thisregion last month. (rain)

4. Betty’s friend Thomas has lost his Greek-English dictionary (???) . (lose)
Betty’s friend Thomas lost his Greek-English dictionary last Tuesday. (lose)Betty’s friend Thomas always loses his Greek-English dictionary. (lose)
Thomas, o amigo da Betty (‘s = da)

5. That student knows all of the new words very well now. (know)That student has knowing all of the new words very well now. (know)
That student have to know all of the new words very well now. (know)

6. Fred’s brother has just graduated fromPurdue University. (graduate, just)
7. The plumber has repaired the leak in that pipe now. (repair)
8. That student has made much progress since January. (make)
9. Listen! I hear...