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The Beatles were a rock band formed in Liverpool, in 1960. Their first name was The Quarrymen, but then they changed to some other names and finally stayed with The Beatles.
The band was composed by John Lennon (vocal), Paul McCartney (bass – the famous bass in form of violin), George Harrison (guitar) and Ringo Starr (drums).
Some people say they were the best band ever and allrock’n’roll that we know nowadays was inspired by them. They established a movement called “Beatlemania”.
From ‘60 to ‘67 they were a simple band and we know this period as ‘ie ie ie’, marked by songs like: ‘I wanna hold your hand’, ‘She loves you’ and ‘Love me do’, their first single. From ‘67 (when the album Sgt. Peppers was published) until the end of the band, they were in a psychedelic period,marked by “Strawberry fields forever”, “Revolution 9” and “A day in the life”.
They made 13 official albums and 5 official movies. They won 7 Grammy Awards.
Paul and Ringo are still alive, but John died in 1980 and George in 2001.
Curiosity: in the Grey’s Anatomy series, the names of the episodes are a tribute to some songs. In general, there are a lot of Beatles’ songs.

McFly is apop rock band formed in London, in 2004. Yes, the name of the band is a tribute to Marty McFly, from the movie Back to the Future. The band was founded by Tom Fletcher (vocal, guitar and piano). They have their own Recorder: Super Records.
The other members are Danny Jones (vocal and guitar), Dougie Poynter (vocal, bass) and Harry Judd (drums).
Their first album was Room on the 3rd floor and theband is still active. The band appeared in the comedy movie Just my Luck, with Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine. Then, they made an album with the same title. They contribute to a lot of social projects too.
They’ve already made 5 albums and won some awards, like Brit Awards, in 2005 and UK Music Video Awards, in 2009.

Oasis was a rock band formed in Manchester, England (England). Like theBeatles, the “leaders” were two friends. In the case of Oasis, two brothers: Liam and Noel Gallagher.
In 1994, when the band was formed, they were big friends, but since birth, they were always fighting and reconciling. Their first album was Definitely Maybe.
They came to Brazil 4 times:
1998 – São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro
2001 – Rock in Rio
2006 – São Paulo
2009 – Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo,Curitiba e Porto Alegre.
They have made 7 successful albums.
The band has changed its composition a lot of times. The last one was: Liam, Noel, Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock, but Ringo Starr’ son has already been Oasis’ drummer, Zak Starkey.
Last year, another confusion happened before a show in Paris and then Noel decided to leave the band. That’s the end of Oasis.
Now Liam has someprojects and Noel too, but nothing really important.

Lily Allen is a British singer. She is from London and was born in 1985. She started her career in 2006 and her first album was published in 2007: Alright, still.
She has made 2 albums and she came to Brazil only once, in 2009. Smile is her most successful song. With her first album, she won an indication to the Grammy.
Shebecame famous because of her Myspace, where she published her songs. “Lily the kid” is a nickname that a British newspaper attributed to her.

Blur is a band formed in 1989, in London, by Damon Albarn (vocal), Graham Coxon (guitar), Alex James (bass) and Dave Rowntree (drums). They stopped in 2003, but then they got back in 2009 and they are together until now.
Their first album was Leisure,published in 1991. Everybody has already listened the song Song 2, from Blur. Maybe you don’t remember it, but you’ve listened.
They have published 7 albums. Blur composed a music for Beagle 2, a spacecraft that would go to Mars, but the project failed.
Blur and Oasis marked an era of competition.

Coldplay is an English alternative rock band from London.
The group started in...
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