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What to expect (or not) from Brazilians

Notions of cleanliness
It’s amazing how contradictory we are about the issue of being clean and hygenic. On the one hand, Brazilians are used to taking ashower two times a day, no matter whether it’s summer or winter. We all know that sometimes it’s a waste of water, because when it’s cold, taking a shower twice a day is completely unnecessary, but,even so, Brazilians find it essential to do that. On the other hand, it’s a shame the amount of trash thrown in the streets and sidewalks of our cities. Brazilians, unfortunately, don’t have the samenotion of cleanliness that they have with themselves with the public space.
Notion of time
Brazilians try to be punctual in serious situations, and in fact, it is important for us to be on time, forexample, in a job interview, an appointment with a doctor or a lunch with your boss. Being late for situations like these is not recommended, and if you are, you may not cause a good impression.However, sometimes it’s not people’s fault: traffic jams in big cities like São Paulo really surprise us and make people who are usually responsible and careful be somewhat late for appointments.
Insocial situations, such as parties or a dinner at your friend’s house, the rule changes. Being at least half an hour late is appreciable. If the party begins at 9 pm and you arrive at 9 or even 9:20 pm,you will certainly be the first guest to arrive. However, if the dinner at your friend’s house is only for you and your husband or wife, be careful not to arrive more than one hour late! It’s toomuch!
Relationships and ways of greeting
Brazilians often have a warm personality, get close to other people easily, and give value to friendships. We love making new friends, as well as keeping incontact with relatives (in family parties, for example, meeting your mother’s uncle or your father’s cousin is a pleasant moment for Brazilians).
It’s common that people greet, when they are very...
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