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What are we fighting for? Hippie movement and the Vietnam war
The music influence on the movement

Book 10 – Joe's Brasas speech

Principal Topics :
-The recrutment for the war

- TheVietnan War
-What motivated the hippie movement(the counterculture)? -The Woodstock -The principal artists of the period

The recrutment
- The US goverment called for the “help” Of many americans tofight for their nation

Vietnan War

50 thousands of dead soldiers

Vietnan War

Vietnan War

Vietnan War

What did the american society think about all this stuff?

The Woodstockevent
The american society became deeply sorry about all the deaths happening all over the world, so, they organized themselves and made a concert against the war.

It was called : Woodstock The woodstock event

Woodstock flyer

The Woodstock!

-500 thousands of people

The woodstock farm

Max Yasgurs Farm

The Hippie Movement
What motivated them?

-Civil rights, gay andfeminist movement
-President Nixon ( totally against Jonh Lenon's ideas )

-The country was very divided by pro and against war people
-US lost the war

The result : Good atmosphere and openminded people!

People camping and sleeping during the festival

A Kind of marriage during the festival

The Artists

Principal music manifestations against war
John Lennon Bed-in (1969)The principal pacifist of the movement , cosidered a threat for Nixon's goverment. Lenon has created the song “give peace a chance” that have been very well accepted by the pacifists

CreedenceClearwater Revival : Fortunate sun

They criticized certain people who weren't recruited for the war ( the rich ones)

Country Joe Mcdonald I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin-to-Die Rag

criticizes to therecruitment

A video of Country Joe Mc Donald – Protest against war!

Jimi Hendrix The Star-Spangled Banner and Machine gun
The Star-Spangled Banner : USA hymn played on a disctortion guitar...
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