Black market definition

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5.0 Black Market
5.1 Definition
The definition of Black Market is illegal trading of products and labour practise against the rules and laws imposed by the government. The most common factors ofthe illegal market is because the great number of people who rather pay less, withholding taxes or just for the wish to have products or labours the government do not allow them to have legally. Theproportion of the black market occupies in each nation depends from their own history or background, separately with no intervention of another cultures. Overall when the government attempt tomanipulate the finance of the country the number of illegal market tends to grow. (Johnson n.d) Following by the definition as an example the most commons illegal trading are: fauna and flora, antiquities,tobacco, organ and illicit drugs.

5.2 Background
The follow table classifies the number of black market divided into six groups of which five of them are world regions and OECD (Organization forEconomic Co-operation and Development) specifying in percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). As the table shows two columns, it can be read diagonally from top left to bottom right.
Table XTitle: International Comparisons

5.3 Case study
As an example of black market, the illegal practise of meteorites has become popular and has been defended by scientists and collectors. According toBroad (2011) Egypt found a unique meteorite and kept in a bottle as a treasure, but… ‘A few months later, in June, meteorites from the crater were for sale at a show in Ensisheim, France’ (Broad 2011,p. 1 of 2). ‘“It’s a black market,” said Ralph P. Harvey, a geologist at Case Western Reserve University who directs the federal search for meteorites in Antarctica’ (Harvey cited in Broad 2011, p. 1of 2).

5.4 Penalties
According to Australia Institute of Criminology 2010, there is a several fine for those who make an illegal trading of fauna and flora, importation or exportation. It could...