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  • Publicado : 14 de abril de 2013
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Joao Manoel Toscan
Theology of Mission
Professor Yeh
February 26, 2013

Honestly, I did not know about this project until our last class when the professor talked about extensions and mercy for delayed assignments. When I looked at the syllabus, I realized that it was due this past Monday. As soon as I saw the syllabus, I started to think where would be the best place to engage a conversationwith random people with different background and coming from different places. I thought it would be hard to go to a shopping mall or a restaurant because people are always walking and rushing. I believe that stopping someone while they walk, eat or shop would make this interviews a little be harder. Also, I did not want to have a type of survey and go asking people random question, but I wantsomething natural and not awkward. Therefore, as it is suggested in the syllabus, I went to Disneyland tonight. I thought that Disneyland would be a perfect place because I would be able to engage a long conversation with people who are standing in the line with me. The lines at Disneyland usually take between 10- 20 minutes, enough to initiate and to embrace a solid conversation. They would feel weirdof having a guy talking with them since staying in the line is boring. People are willing to waste time by talking and engaging with people around you. Also, I knew I could start preaching the Gospel immediately or even never because I must respect them first. So I went to Disneyland with a friend of mine. Acting in group always helps and this interviews would be much easier with the help ofsomeone else. Who goes to Disneyland by themselves and start to talk with you in the line? People would think of me as a stranger and awkward person.
I do not usually start a conversation with random people. First, I do not speak a perfect English. Sometimes, I feel that people reject me because I am a foreign. People do not really pay much attention to what I have to say because they might think thatthey will not understand what I say or do not understand my accent. Second, I am a very shy person. It is hard for to me randomly start a conversation with random people. On my way to Disneyland, I had all those thoughts in my head, and I thought I would be a very difficult assignment for myself. However, I God must had been with me tonight because I was able to interact with several people andbeing a foreign actually helped me to break the barriers as I talked with those people at Disneyland.
As it says in the book of Acts, “One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent”(Acts 18:9). We see in this passage, we observe that the Lord commanded Paul to speak. We should not be afraid or be silent because the Lord will always be with us.Likewise, when we become the Lord and accept Jesus as the one and only savior of our lives, God is with us. In order for me to accomplish this assignment very well, I must have to take these words to me seriously. I believe that during our days, our mind is so busy thinking about work, money, and time that most the time we do not even remember what we ate for lunch. We talk about everything, welaugh, we cry, we tell jokes, but we forget about the most important aspect of our lives, which is Jesus. Habitually, I do not speak about Jesus to anyone, but I needed to change. God calls us to be a disciple of his principles, and if I really have faith in God, I must obey His command. I have many friends not only here at Biola but also in Brazil. Talking about Jesus at Biola is easy, but whencomes to my friends back home, I feel uncomfortable to do it. I might think that I know a lot of people, but only God know the heart of each, so I must speak about His love to everyone. I was decided to engage and share the Gospel to someone tonight.
My plan was to go to rides where the line would take us the longest. I first went to the Indiana Jones rides. In front of us, there were three...
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