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  • Publicado : 1 de agosto de 2012
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The movie “The 13th Warrior” is based on a famous poem named Beowulf and we can see during the whole movie a lot of similarities, but also some differences that were made to make the movie morerealistic.
In the beginning of the movie, we can see the protagonist, Antonio Banderas’ character, and his committee being chased by a group of barbarians when they were traveling. They were trying toescape and when they were next to a river the persecutors gave up. In the first moment they didn’t know what happened but then they noticed the Bulywif’s ship getting closer. In this scene we couldsee how Bulywif, this is the representation of Beowulf in the movie, is feared.
In the next scene they were in Bulywif’s camping and we could notice the way they used to act inside the group, theclothes they used to wear and also their habitation. Different of what we thought their houses and “castles” were very humble, nothing compared to the Medieval Age. The society inside the group ismale chauvinist and the women are not important in what is happening. They were shown serving the men, doing house work or as witches.
Another thing interesting was that, just like in the originalstory, in the movie Buliwif use to boast himself so then the people will notice how important and how powerful he is. In these moments, it’s common to see him telling stories about his and his father’striumphs. There’s a time in the movie that the king said that he knows Buliwif just because he knew his father. That’s the importance of tell to the people who you are!
Something interesting isthe fact that they turned Grendel into a cannibal society. The paradox in that is, at least for me, how people turn themselves into monsters and to the watcher realizes how bad humanity can be. Themovie had the same contradiction between the religion and the paganism, always trying to make people think about God (Banderas’s character is helping Bulywif’s group and at the same time trying to...