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ABB instrument transformer team uses social media to get their word out
2009-06-25 - The Power Products Medium Voltage (PPMV) team in Pinetops, North Carolina is on Twitter, Facebook, and Blogspot to promote their instrument transformer products.
It seems like all the world is atwitter. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are becoming more and more popular and not just for thecollege age crowd. Companies across the globe are exploring ways to use these sites to promote their products, inform their customers, and drive traffic to their main websites. The ABB operation in Pinetops is no different. Over a year ago, they started an electronic customer newsletter as a way to inform distributors and customer of new things going on with their business. They also worked withthe ABB internet team to clean up and improve their presence on the ABB website.

"This was a big improvement for us but we kept looking for other ways to gain customer visibility," said Jon Rennie, Pinetops' Vice President and General Manager, "The first thing we started kicking around was the idea of a blog." Blogs (a contraction of the term web-log) are websites that contain regular entries ofcommentary, descriptions of events, or other material, such as pictures or video. The team in Pinetops created a test-blog and submitted it for approval from the regional and global marketing communication groups.

"We also saw other companies using Twitter and Facebook in creative ways, so we decided to try and see if we could gain a presence there as well." said Rennie. In a few short weeks,they had gained over 200 followers and were ranked second in the Twitter search engine under ABB. "They key is content," added Rennie, "People are looking to see what is new and exciting out there."

There are four great new ways to keep informed of the latest news from Pinetops:
* Jon Rennie writes a blog at
* Follow the ABB Instrument Transformer's updateson Twitter at
* Become a fan of Pinetops on Facebook at
* Sign up for the ABB Instrument Transformer newsletter by send an e-mail to
Social media – building new Transformer Service communities
Described by Wikipedia as the ‘media for socialinteraction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques’, Facebook, LinkedIn, Sync and various other platforms have changed the way we communicate.

While the concept of social media is still a fresh concept, Transformer Service is excited to use this new media outlet as a means to educate and discuss among experts‘How to keep your transformer younger for a longer time’.

It ishoped the Transformer Service Group will become the leading destination for transformer asset management thinking. Through our extensive service knowledge, we aim to provide professionals around the world with rigorous insights as well as sharing best practices. Most importantly, we provide a platform for open discussion to provide just the right support operators need to make intelligentmaintenance decisions and optimize their assets.

Transformer Service Group on LinkedIn is now launched and discussions are actively encouraged. Only through shared learning and two-way communication can we begin to understand our customer needs.

To ensure you are part of this exciting journey .
Web head at ABB

I launched my first web site for ABB in 1995, and from 1999 to 2011 I wasresponsible for ABB's global web presence. This blog is no longer active and is kept as a matter of record only. Any views expressed in this blog are entirely my own, and do not necessarily represent ABB.

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