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Beats Audio EQ Setting/ General Sound Advice
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This is a detailed post on how to get the best sound out of your Beats Audio notebook. This is also a board to discuss music and sound quality in general so we can all experience music as it was meant to be heard, wherever and however we may hear to it. first a bit aboutme and my "credentials" As an extreme sound enthusiast, with an audio company of my own. i bought my Dv7 in september and subsequently bought the Beats headphones to fully experience what the notebook has to offer. as a personal rule, i compare every "system" to my car, in which i have 13 speakers, 2 amps, an Alpine Imprint sound processor and whole bunch of batteries. as you can imagine, the carsounds excellent, so this is the closest i was able to get my Dv7 to sound equal.

Beat Audio Setting

first off, use the Beats Audio EQ, its there for a reason and if you don't adjust it, music just sounds terrible. to get to it, just search for HP beats audio control panel. you may want to add a shortcut on you desktop for easy access. click on equalization under speakers and here is where your personal preference takes note, i tuned my eq to best compliment every type of music i listen to (dance, rock, hip-hop, classical, scores, and vocal) depending on what type of music you listen to, you will adjust the raise or lower the Db according to the Hz's. as a rule, the lower the Hz's, the more bass is played and the higher the Hz's, the more vocals/ highs are played.Subsequently, knowing what Hz's affect the notes in a song also helps. 31-62 Hz's are bass. 125-250 bass/mid. 500-KHz are where most vocals are heard. 15khz is where most notes to high to clearly hear are played. although you can hear them, only a few songs have important notes that go that high.

31hz- -1db
adjust to how much bass you like without interfering with vocals62hz -3db
adjust to how much bass you like without interfering with vocals

125hz -14db
this should be very low. at 0db, the mids overwhelm every other note, to the point it truly disrupt the music. its important to drop this, it muffles vocals severely

250Hz -5db
just like the mid bass above, but not as disruptive, so you can leave this at a higher db. note that both mid basscontain important notes in music, as such having them down lessens some notes, but it does far more good down than harm

500hz 2db
1khz 3db
2khz 3db
4khz 3db
8khz 4db
16khz 8db

adjust slightly to your preference, but this is a good place to set it. don't forget to SAVE IT! play different songs from different genera and tweak it till you find a good spot for allyour music. but realize that rap songs will always have more bass than classical music, so you may have to raise and lower the two left markers depending on what your listening to, but the rest should be fine regardless of genera.

Computer Setting.

your computer has a different setting than that of beats audio, as such you may want to address it too. search for sound, click on speakersand headphones and select properties. tone should be 4 bass and 4 treble. now enhancements. they are all off and include bass boost, virtual surround, room correction, and loudness eq. in my opinion, they should all stay off. bass boost adds bass, but severely sacrifices clarity and vocals. virtual surround and room correction don't do much, and loudness eq raises and lowers volume depending on thesong playing. it makes one song louder and clearer, then diminishes the next and muffles it. its very inconstant and as such should stay off. as for any questions regarding Shared and Exclusive Mode (in the advanced section of speaker and headphones property) read message 29 for answers.

Itunes setting

If you are like me, you use itunes to listen to music. Subsequently, it also has an...
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