Battlefield 3

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  • Publicado : 17 de março de 2012
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Mock Battlefield 3 analysis

For the past year it seemed like I was locked in a tower waiting for my shooter to show up. Finally on October 25th, my shooter arrived. Quickly, I realized this was a different tale. I wasn’t the princess, I was the masked man in black arguing with my shooter atop a hill. Soon after the install my princess had pushed me into a gorge and I was screaming “as youwish,” but my alas my princess has not realized my love and hasn’t jumped into the gorge after me.
“As you wish,” Battlefield.

Battlefield 3 will be a game of the year selection, but not right now. Launch period has always been tricky for the Battlefield series. Battlefield 2 would crash to desktop and also had networking issues. Battlefield 2142 was generally just a buggy game that took a monthto get a patch. Bad Company 2 had server issues where the quick fix was uninstall & reinstall the game and then maybe it worked.
The tricky thing about Battlefield 3’s launch issues is that they have put themselves into a tough spot having released the game on 25th. EA and DICE only had two weeks to deliver patches so games can go underway before gamers give up and move onto the next bestthing: Modern Warfare 3. Prior Battlefield titles didn’t carry the rival status as heavy as Battlefield 3. Bad Company 2 released in March of 2010, surrounded by Japanese gangsters, the god of war and baseball. Battlefield 2 was PC only and released in June of 2005, accompanied by an assortment of games released on various other platforms.
Activision’s Call of Duty series always seemed like anafterthought to other shooters; that is, until Modern Warfare came out. Now anything that had a shred of camouflage and an assault rifle gets compared to Modern Warfare. Battlefield 3 is running out of time and gamers are running out of patience. Diehard Battlefield fans will stay on board through the turmoil. But Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels, has already moved onto the next big title release:Star Wars: The Old Republic; assuring doubters that the launch issues seen with BF3 won’t happen with SW:TOR because it’s PC only and has different server configurations which they have complete control over it.
I read this two or so days after BF3 released, and I could only think, “It doesn’t matter now, because they already have my money.” I was angered; my princess and the world she belonged tosurely hated me as I continue to tumble into this gorge of gaming heartbreak. So far, my shooter has offered me nothing but complications. The inability to stay connected to a server, lag attacks and rubber-banding because of bugs in the network code. I tumble deeper into the abyss.
A few days after Mr. Gibeau and his thoughts of moneybags had passed, Kotaku interviewed a different EArepresentative. The EA rep reported that they, “are gamers, too,” and they understand the frustrations that gamers are feeling. Also, that Xbox 360 servers were at about 95%. The best question Kotaku asked was why it had happened at all. Despite having recorded information from the beta and preorder numbers, the answer amounted to: “demand outstripped even our best expectations.” Did we just spend $60 tobecome part of phase two of the beta? Well, I suppose it’s just a server issue… What else could go wrong?

In Bad Company 2, finding a server and your friends was all within the game (you know, like every other game). For BF3, it’s extremely different; and not in a good way. This way comes the six-fingered man, in the form of both Battlelog and Origin. Now I am no longer the masked man in black. Iam the Spanish fencer, looking to avenge my father by killing his murderer.
On the PC, Battlelog is not integrated within the game or Origin. When you run BF3, it does not open the game; instead, a web browser opens, displaying a prettier version of DRM. Battlelog allows you to track your stats, unlocks, platoons and ultimately lets EA know that you are running a legit copy.
There is no way...