Baby boomers and generation y

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  • Publicado : 27 de setembro de 2012
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It is all about the survival of your business: Baby Boomers and Generation Y

Each and every generation is exposed to a sequence of unique events that characterizes their place in historyand shapes their behavior and attitudes. In fact, it is correct to assume that the constant shift in individual’s preferences is due to the mix of people in our society. Therefore, the same way peopleadapt to new technologies such as computers and internet, institutions should be concerned about updating and redefining what is the correct approach in certain situations and how to stimulate theworkforce to achieve organizational goals.
It is undeniable that workers have changed at a great pace as has the nature of their workplace. As a result, organizations have to seek ways to adaptthemselves to the new upcoming tendencies; most important, having the ability to do so is crucial to their success. This essay will focus on two distinct generations and the ties involving them: babyboom generation and generation Y. They represent the oldest and the youngest groups in the emerging workforce, respectively. Both generations have a considerable difference in time frame between theirexistence and also many singular values and principles that drive their attitudes and actions.
The baby boomers generation represents individuals that were born in a "baby boom" following WorldWar II. Baby Boomers, as they are usually called, were born between 1946 and 1964. In contrast, the generation Y represents individuals that were born between 1979 and 1994. As surprising as it maysound, these two generations have a lot in common and share many beliefs. For instance, both value loyalty to a company, social connections at work, prize other rewards of employment over monetarycompensation and want to contribute to society through their labor.
The relationship between the boomers and generation Y is related to as a parent-child relationship. According to studies,...