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Diego Mendes Luz
Freshmen English
Karren Herreid
Essay#3: Film Review “Avatar”
I decided to write about Avatar because was a film that I really liked. The film was written andproduced by James Cameron in 2009. The main actors are Jake Sully(Sam Worthington) Neytiri(Zoe Saldaña), Trudy Chacon(Michelle Rodriguez), Dra.Grace Augustine(Sigourney Weaver), Coronel MilesQuaritch(Stephen Lang).
The film passes in 2154 and shows a desperate attempt to dominate Pandora, one of the satellites of the planet Polyphemus, in order to extract its natural resources depleted soil onEarth. A multinational company financed the stay of military personnel and scientists precisely for these mineral riches, which hold the potential to generate profits. Under the command of Colonel MilesQuaritch, Marines become mercenaries, fighting humanoids that live there, the Na'vi tribes. While humans want the treasure hidden in the woods, the Na'vis strives to maintain the integrity of theirterritory, especially the holy places, and their own existence.
The ex-soldier Jack Sully is about to replace his twin brother, a scientist recently killed shortly before completing the experiencecalled Avatar. As both have the same genome, Jake is invited to complete this project. With this body can relate to nativos.Jack uses a wheelchair and is forced to face the hostility of the initial projectsupervisor Avatar, Dr. Grace Augustine, and also all the challenges of their new environment. Incidentally, in one of his first visits to the territory of the Na'vi, Jake gets stuck in the forest,thus forced to confront a dangerous and unfamiliar land. That's when he meets the native Neytiri, princess of the clan Omaticaya. She was about to kill him, but she received a revelation of the deityknown as Eywa or the Great Mother, and keeps it alive. More than that, she takes Jake to his tribe and with the approval of their parents and the goddess, he is introduced to all the customs, habits,...
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