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In the year 2154 AD, the corporate human RDA explores ore in Pandora, a moon of Polyphemus, one of three fictional gas giants orbiting Alpha Centauri, 4.4 light-years from Earth. Humans are designedto explore Pandora reserves of precious mineral called Unobtainium. Parker Selfridge, head of the mining operation, employing former soldiers and ex-Marines and mercenaries.
Pandora is inhabited by aspecies of humanoids called Na'vi. Measuring nearly 3 feet tall, with tails, bones naturally reinforced with carbon fiber and the bioluminescent, the Na'vi live in harmony with nature and areconsidered primitive by humans. They worship a goddess called Eywa. Humans are not able to breathe the atmosphere of Pandora, which is rich in carbon dioxide, methane and ammonia. Also, do not have apeaceful coexistence with the Na'vi for not understanding their culture of worshiping nature.
Human researchers coordinated by Dr. Grace Augustine created the Avatar Program, hybrid human-Na'vi geneticallymodified. A human who share genetic material with an Avatar is mentally linked and can connect via neural connections that allow control of the body of the Avatar. Jake Sully is a paraplegic ex-marinewho goes to Pandora wanting money for an operation that would cure paralysis. The twin brother of Jake, Thomas, was a scientist of the program and the Avatar dies, Jake is called to take his place inthe program by their genetic similarity to allow compatibility with the Avatar's brother. Dr. Augustine is not content with the substitution, as Jake's brother was a scientist with years of trainingto participate in the program. Jake, in turn, have never used an avatar and has no knowledge about the culture Na'vi. The research team let him participate in the program, taking it more like a safetythan a scientist.

When Jake is serving as a bodyguard for Grace and biologist Norm Spellman in the form of Avatar, he is attacked by a creature loses place and the rest of the...