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Motorised Changeover Switches

From 125 to 3200 A



• Fully visible breaking.
• On load switching.
• Manual emergency operation.
• 3 stable positions (I, 0, II), overlapping
contacts on request (I, I+II, II).
• Padlocking in 0 position (I and II optional).
• AUTO / MANU selector.
• Single phase orthree phase control on
networks I and II (ATyS 6e and 6m).
• Electrical measurements (ATyS 6e and 6m).
• Measure of I, P, Q, S and PF (ATyS 6m).
• Configurable Control Logic.
• Possibility of inhibition of the electrical
control (ATyS 3e).
• Optional communication and inputs/outputs
modules (ATyS 3e and ATyS 6).

AUT/MAN command


The ATyS dedicated to applicationsfrom
125A, enables the switching On Load three
phase sources in remote or automatic mode.
This Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE)
is designed to be used in low voltage
power systems for Open Transition Transfer
This Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE)
is composed of two mechanically and
electrically interlocked switches.
• The ATyS 3 (RTSE) is driven by volt-free
drycontacts allowing switching operation
between position I, 0, II, from an external
control logic or a PLC (control relays type
ATyS C30).
• The ATyS 6 (ATSE) is dedicated to break
before make automatic transfer applications.
The ATyS 6 integrates control relays, timers
and test functions to manage a Normal/
Backup switching operation between two
networks or between a generator set and a
network.General characteristics

Emergency manual operation

to standards

IEC 60947-3
IS 14947-3
EN 60947-3
NBN EN 60947-3
BS EN 60947-3
GB 14048
IEC 60947-6-1
EN 60947-6-1
NBN EN 60947-6-1
BS EN 60947-6-1
VDE 0660-107



Padlocking facility

General Catalogue 2011-2012 SOCOMEC

Motorised ChangeoverSwitches


What you need to know

• On ATyS 3s and 3e models
Electrical control
• General
- The switching operation can be driven by an
external dry contact.
- On ATyS 3e, it is possible to inhibit the
electrical control (dry contact closed between
terminal n° 313 and 317).

ATyS 3s

ATyS M 3s is equipped with
one 230VAC power input
(176-288 VAC),50/60 Hz
(45/65 Hz).

- The first order received has priority as long as it
is present. A zero command has always priority,
excepted in case of controls inhibition.

ATyS 3e


ATyS 3e is equipped with 2
power inputs: one for power
source 1 & the other one as
backup power source 2.
It allows the product to be
electrically controlled in the
3 positions with only oneof
the supplies present.

• Pulse logic
- The switching command is a pulsed dry
contact (100ms minimum).
- When the order disappears, the product
remains in position. The impulse can be
of infinite duration without causing any

• Contactor logic
- The transfer command is a maintained dry
- If command I or II disappears, the device
returns to zero position, ifpower supply is
- A 0 command drives the device into zero
position, irrespective of the status of the I and
II commands.
order I

order O

order O



order I

order II
position I
position O
position II

order II
position I
position O
position II

• On ATyS 6e and 6m models
ATyS 6m


atys_033_bATyS 6e

• Single phase or three phase control on networks
I and II.
• Independent adjustable over/undervoltage and
over/underfrequency thresholds: +/- 20 % of the
nominal value.
• Adjustable hysteresis thresholds linked to the
threshold values.
• Control of phase rotation
• Measure (3U and frequency on network 1 and 2 ;
ATyS 6e and 6m N/E cycle delay; 3I, In, P,...