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Inglês I

Atividade Prática Supervisionada (ATPS) entregue como requisito paraconclusão da disciplina “Inglês I”, sob orientação do professor-tutor a distância

23 de Abril de 2013


The purpose of this assignment is to improve our language skill. Thereare some informations about culture, religion, sports, preferences, customs, educational system, families structures in some countries that English is the mother tongue.

Greetings aroundthe world

When we decide to travel abroad we know we are going to meet many different people with different habits and culture, that's why we have to check out their customs beforethe trip. English is the mainly language you have to speak because wherever you go, you can find people from many different places, nationalities. Introducing or greetings can be formal and informal.Greeting is a friendly way of opening a conversation, there are many ways to say hello.
Formal way you can say: “Good morning!”, “Good afternoon!”, “Good evening!”.Saying goodbye you cansay: “Good evening!”.
Informal language you have many options, for example: “Hi!”, “Hello!”, “Hello there!”, “Hey buddy!”, “What' s up!”, “Howdy friend” (in the USA), “Aloha” (in Hawaii),“Wow, it's good to see you!”. In UK people usually talk about the weather to open a conversation exemplo: “- Hello, isn't it a lovely day?”, “-Hello, what about this terrible weather?”.Asking how someone is, there are many ways: “How are you?”, “How are you doing?”, “How's it going?”. In many countries people ask about the family example: “How's the family?”, “Hello, how's your wifedoing?”.
When you meet a person for the first time you can say: “It's nice to meet you!”, “I'm glad to meet you!”, “Please to meet you!”, “Good to meet you!”, “I'm pleased to meet...
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