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1. Working for the navy as a black person was hard, why?
because of racism existing at the time. black people were chosen to work in the kitchen.
2. What had Carl’s father given him before he leftto serve the navy and what was written on it? What did the writing mean?
Carl's father gave him a radio with the initials mean ASNF and a son never forgets
3. What happened when Carl decided tojump on water and it was not his leisure day, in that he was not allowed?
His superior have sent someone to get him out of the water but carl swam faster and managed to reach the buoy. when he cameback to the ship, he was arrested.

4. What has Carl used to be before joining the navy? And what did he want to be?
Carl was plowing the land with his father. He wanted to be a Navy diver from theUnited States.

5. Before getting in the navy head quarter Mr. Chief Sunday offered Carl Brashier something, what was it? And Sunday also had mentioned a Chinese saying, what was it?

6. Carl hasmade one friend in the navy at the beginning, who was it and had he any speaking problem, if so which one?
Snowhill his name was and he had a stuttering problem

7. Had Carl achieved his dream? How?Describe what happened to Carl on the test day when future navy divers were called to complete a task, what was the task? How did you feel when you were watching the movie and saw the scene?
Carlmanaged be Navy diver. he passed the test but almost loses his life. his mission was to mount a flange but the bag containing the tools was torn and thrown into water making it nearly impossible tocomplete the task. I watched the scene I found that it would not get.

8. What happened when the wreck rolled over under the water concerning Carl’s attitudes? Was he congratulated by his SuperiorChief because of this?
Carl dived and saved the life of his companion. he wasn´t congratulated by his superior. The honors were to a white person.

9. In his room, the Admiral, said something about...
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