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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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Rundown failures

|Event code |Event name |Information |
|E003 |Torque measurement possibly |The programming is incorrect. Please check the programming and ensure |
| |invalid |there is some movement on the socket in the second stage. |

Event related errors|Event code|Event name |Information |Note |
|E102 |Rundown prohibited due to |This event code is displayed when an attempt to make a tightening is|TNR |
| |Lock on Reject |made and tightenings are disabled by the parameter Lock on reject |LCK |
| ||[C210]. For more information, see section Sub information for event | |
| | |codes. | |
|E103 |Tool locked by digital |The tool is locked by digital input. For more information, see |TNR |
| |input |section Sub information for eventcodes |LCK |
|E107 |Rundown prohibited due to |A Job using line control is selected. The Job does not start until a|TNR |
| |Line control, batch not |line control start signal is received. For more information, see |LCK |
| |enabled |sectionSub information for event codes. ||
|E112 |Rehit |An attempt to tighten an already tightened |
| | |bolt was made. |
|E113 |Current limit reached - |The current limit has been reached, the drive is disabled. |ACK |
| |Rundown aborted| |PFNR |
| | | |TNR |
|E117 |Tool locked – cannot |Power Focus cannot communicate with RBU and must be restarted to |PFNR |
| |access RBU |protect data. For moreinformation, see section Sub information for |TNR |
| | |event codes | |
|E120 |Motor tuning failure |Motor tuning failed or the tool has a defect. |ACK |
| | ||PFNR |
| | | |TNR |

|E121 |Open end tuning |This event indicates that the Open end tuning command has not been |ACK |
| |failure |successfully performed. |PFNR |
| || |TNR |
|E122 |Open end positioning failure |Open end positioning failed due to too much torque during |
| | |positioning phase. |
|E125 |Alarm on timeout / Alarm on|When the function alarm on timeout is activated in the Pset, this |
| |torque lost |event code indicates that a timeout caused the tightening to be |
| | |aborted. The timeout must be the primary cause for the abort for |
| | |this alarm to be activated....
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