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Running VMLite XP Mode with VMLite Workstation
A How-to Guide for Average PC User
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Part 1: Introduction to VMLite XP Mode for Windows 1) What is VMLite XP Mode? According on wikipedia, Virtual machine (VM) is a software implementation of a machine (computer) that executes programs like a real machine, and platform virtualization separates an operating system from theunderlying platform resources. VMLite Workstation is a virtualization component that allows you to run more than one operating system (OS) at the same time on a single physical computer. VMLite Workstation runs the operating system and applications directly on top of an existing operating system without any modification. VMLite XP Mode (VXP) is a virtualization engine derived from VMLiteWorkstation, and it allows Microsoft Windows XP runs seamlessly on different OS platforms. In another word, it generates XP virtual machine that runs seamlessly on different OS platforms. Right now, the host operating system it supports includes Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. 2) Why VMLite XP Mode is needed? Owing to the Wintel alliance, Windows had approximately 93% of the market share of the PC operatingsystems while Windows XP is still powering 71 percent of business PCs. Recent release of Windows Vista was a disaster for Microsoft. It lacks of proper drivers and has lots of application compatibility issues. As of today, 92 percent of PC software developers are ignoring it. Industry expects Windows XP will continue to play significant role after Windows 7 release to avoid similar issues caused byWindows Vista. To improve application compatibility on Windows 7, and to ease the transition from older Windows operating systems to Windows 7, is crucial for the success of Windows 7, and Microsoft has done tremendous works to achieve such a goal. First, Windows 7 ships a large number of device drivers to for better hardware support. Microsoft also provides a free tool call “Windows 7 UpgradeAdviser" that will run on your current PC prior to Windows 7 upgrade and it predicts if there are known incompatibilities with third-party programs and hardware. For those are reliant on their legacy applications, Windows 7 1

adds a new feature called Windows XP Mode allows applications that are only compatible with XP run as virtual applications in Windows 7 in the same desktop. The limitations ofWindows XP Mode are significant. According to Microsoft website, “Windows XP Mode will only run on Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate editions”. It also “requires a CPU with the Intel® Virtualization Technology or AMDV™ feature turned on.” The latter requirement creates 2 major drawbacks for PC users: first, most PC chips in the market including majority of Core 2 Duo CPUs do not supportthis feature, and second, this feature is disabled by default on most supporting CPUs, which means a trip into the BIOS to enable hardware virtualization is needed. As conclusion, users want to benefit from Windows XP Mode will have to buy new hardware, even though this solution may not work. VMLite is releasing VMLite XP Mode to do the same things as Windows XP Mode does. VMLite XP Mode supportsIntel® Virtualization Technology or AMD-V™ feature, but it does not require such feature. VMLite XP Mode, as a XP Mode for every PC, could ease consumers on the transition from legacy Windows OSs to Windows 7. Coming soon is our VMLite MyOldPCs product, which turns all files, file structure, and working environment on a single PC into a plug-and-play portable file, that allows user access andoperate on such file as if on the old PC. VMLite believes its offer of VMLite XP Mode with MyOldPCs combination provide the optimal solution for PC OS migration, including upgrade to Windows 7. 3) Requirements of VMLite XP Mode • • • • Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 Additional 256MB of RAM Additional 2GB of available disk space No requirement on processors with hardware-assisted virtualization...
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