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The lead found in the environment can be absorbed by
human body by inhalation of dust, and the water intake
and contaminated food. Children are particularly more
sensitive tolead exposure than adults because their bodies
and systems are still in desenvolvimento.
In 1979, Needleman and demonstrated that colaboradores dentin of primary teeth (milk) serves as amarker of tissue
exposure to lead, and proved that exposure to lead in
childhood leads to reduced IQ, attention and speech disabilities, and disturbance in psychological development of the child. Theworks proved that lead poisoning interferes irreversibly very important roles in the development psychomotor children, although accepted in the scientific community, as brought consequence of thepursuit of American Herbert Needleman, because this contamination associated with children who wore industries Lead in the United States.3 This episode just causing a great movement of civil rightsorganizations, which resulted in Implementation program for detecting contaminated children and preventing exposure to lead all forms. Were created laws banning the use of lead in gasoline, paints, weldscanned foods, and establishing the replacement of water pipes and monitoring concentrations of Lead in drinking water.
In the work of De Capitani and colaboradores4 were presented various sourcesof human exposure to lead in Brazil including Lead pipes, which can be an important source of
contamination. In Brazil, there are no public policies to
systematic control of lead in water from homes,and homes
pipelines with more than 40 or 50 years are not uncommon in cities older, especially among low-income populations. The 

treatment processes which use chlorine as a disinfectant agent in water can promote solubilization of corrosion products 
lead in piping, as PbO2.  
The Center for Disease Control of the United States and ...