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  • Publicado : 18 de novembro de 2011
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20 Foot Container Kitchen
Compact and Convenient, designed for multi-purpose use. With everything you need in commercial cateringequipment, the 20 Foot Kitchen optimises space while staying practical. Capable of producing up to 200+ meals per service, the 20 Foot Kitchen can be equipped for specific requirements by the application ofother

equipment and design layouts.
Inside the kitchen… Cooking Equipment  3 Door Under Bench Fridge  Combi Steam Oven  Fryer  4 Burner stove with Flat Griddle  Exhaust Canopy  Microwave Stainless Steel Splash Back- fire proofed  Stainless Steel Shelving Washing Up:  Pass Through Dishwasher  2 Sinks (Double and Single)  Kitchen Hand Bench Space Construction:  Air ConditioningUnit  Cold Panel Insulation  Gas Hot Water Service  Hygienic Vapour proof Fluorescent lighting  Wall-mounted Soap Dispenser  Wall-mounted Disposable Towel Dispenser  Fire Extinguisher  FireBlanket  First Aid Kit  Separate Staff Storage Area.  Servery Hatch with Insect Screen

Our containers use a combination of gas and electricity, to maximise the use of industry leadingequipment. Our kitchens come with :   Gas connection point Electrical connection point, with electrical sub board

Water Connections points (drainage to be connected on site)

If you have a specific problem and need a solution our industry professional team of designers and draftsmen can help you design the kitchen that you require. Wewill work with you from start to finish, ensuring that we come up with a design unique to your situation, whether you are a mining camp in far north Western Australia, or an Oil rig in the middle ofBass Strait, we have the solution to your problem.

DIMENSIONS: Internal Height: 2.80 metres External Length: 6.10 metres

All of our design team are accredited and we...