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Service Oriented Architecture: BPEL, JBI
Sang Shin Technology Evangelist Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Quick Introduction to SOA BPEL (BusinessProcess Execution Language) JBI (Java Business Integration) Sun SOA Solution Sun SOA Tool: BPEL engine and designer of NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5 • SOA and Standards • Summary, Call For Action,Resources • • • • •
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Quick Introduction to SOA

Pre-SOA Scenario
Credit Card Mortgage

Balanc e Check

Fraud Detection

Credit Check

Credit Check

Balanc e Check

Inte rest CalcCustomer Data

Back -End System

Partner Credit Data

Partner Credit Data

Back -End System

Customer Data


SOA-Enabled Scenario

Auto Loans

Bill Pay

Mutual Stocks FundsCredit Card


Payment Management Service Credit Check Fraud Detection Access Service

Interest Calc Balance Check Customer Data Service

Trade Execution ServiceInternet

Increased Agility
Partner Credit Data Back-End System Back-End System Customer Data


SOA Layers
• Shared Network-based Layered Services
Access Layer Process (Orchestration)Layer Service Layer Resource Layer


Benefits of SOA
• Flexible (Agile) IT
> Adaptable to changing business needs

• Faster time to market
> Reuse existing code, minimize new development

•Business and process-driven
> New business opportunities

• Greater ROI
> Leverage existing IT asset


Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

Need for Business Process
•Developing the web services and exposing the functionality is not sufficient • We also need a way to orchestrate these functionality in the right order • Example:
> Concert ticket purchase Web service has 3operations, which need to be performed in the following order > Getting a price quote > Purchase a ticket > Confirmation and cancellation


BPEL Works With WSDL
• Web services are...