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indoor packaged equipment

Single Package Vertical Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Single package vertical unitS
vpc, vph & vpp

Single package vertical unitS

Packaged convenience formulti-story residential and commercial applications.
Single Package Vertical Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps by Johnson Controls offer the ultimate in HVAC design flexibility. The Single PackageVertical Heat Pump is a compact throughthe-wall packaged system, capable of providing total heating and cooling functions for a single zone or multiple rooms. Unlike conventional horizontal equipment,each Single Package Vertical Heat Pump Unit has been designed with sufficient air handling capacity for ducted installations. The Single Package Vertical Heat Pump Units are ideally suited for theperimeter zones of buildings such as: • Hotels and Motels • High-Rise Apartments / Condominiums • Hospitals / Nursing Homes • Dormitories • Renovated Office Space The VP-Series unit is installed in acloset having an exterior wall. Wall mounting sleeves for various wall thicknesses are available for installation during building construction. Final installation is reduced to sliding the unit onto themounting sleeve, and connecting the electrical supply. The result is a low cost installation, and allows delivery of the units to be deferred until just before occupancy. STANDARD FeATUReS ModelsAvailable • Air conditioner with electric heat (VPC) • Air-to-air heat pump with electric heat (VPP) • Air conditioner with hydronic heat (VPH) Construction • All models are shipped as a factory testedthrough-the-wall packaged HVAC system • Units install in a closet having an exterior wall • Self supporting wall sleeve is factory supplied – no unit stand required (added value) • exterior grille isfactory supplied - available in five standard colors or custom match (optional) • Cabinet assembly is constructed of heavy gauge corrosionresistant galvanized steel • Unit interior (evaporator and...
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