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* Portable Computers – including Mac products such as Mac Book Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Xserve
* Servers – including Xserve, Xsan, MacOS X Ser, MobleMe.
* Accessories –including MagicMouse, Keyboard, Led Cinema Display.
* Wi-fi Based Stations - including Airport Express, Airport Extreme, Time Capsule.
* Developer – including Developer Connection, Mac Program,iPhone Program.
* iPod – including iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, ipod Classic.
* iPhone – including iPhone3GS, iPhone3G, iPad.
* iTunes – including movies, TV shows, audio books, games.
*Periphal products – including Printers, Storage devices, digital videos and cameras.
* Apple is a premium brand computer that does not attempt to compete on price. The company has reducedprices after some initial product launches. It uses skimming and preimuim pricing strategies.
* The AppleiPad is priced at a minimum of $499.
* The Apple iPhone costs begin at $99.
* TheApple iPod Classic is priced starting at $249.
* The Apple iPod Nano costs $149.
* The Apple Mac Book costs $999.
* The Apple MacBook Pro is priced at $1199.
* The Apple Quicktime Profor Windows costs $29.99
* Apples iPad pricing strategy includes the flexibility to lower the prices if consumer response dictates such action. This would be consistent with a similar $200 price cuton the iPhone in 2007.
* In 2009 Apple announced a reduced cost pricing structure for iTunes - songs will cost 69 cents, 99 cents or $1.29. He said the "vast majority" of the songs will cost 69cents. Changes are said to be a response to a slower pace of music downloads.
* Apple, Inc Headquarters are located at is located at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California.
* The AppleConsultants Network includes independent professional service providers and technology consulting firms that specialize in Apple and third-party solutions. Certified on Apple technologies, these...