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  • Publicado : 9 de dezembro de 2012
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Rex Murphy Analysis: Ann Coulter Patricia Carvalho
A controversial event on May/2012 at the University of Ottawa featuring Ann Coulter was cancelled due to apparent safety concerns, after 200students gathered in protest outside. Rex Murphy a Canadian commentator and author gave his opinion on the issue on CBC News “The National”. He said that the University of Ottawa should “get into thebusiness’’ in terms of freedom of speech. Rex Murphy believes Ottawa U should’ve let Ann Coulter speak in front of hundreds of students, even though hundreds of students gathered at the University ofOttawa early that night to protest Ann Coulter's presence. I personally think Ottawa U made the right decision when they sent Ann Coulter a letter telling her to keep her comments in check becauseCanada’s freedom of speech laws are different than in the US, and what she may say be too offensive due to Canada’s multiculturalism.
Rex Murphy said that he finds it sad that this even happenedbecause a university is the place where freedom of speech should be respected and understood, and it is also a place where students are taught its history and understandings. However we have to put limitson certain things, because without limits and restrictions everyone could do or say whatever they like and who knows what will happen when rules aren’t followed or when people just do whatever theywant. We have rules for a reason, and it’s to “control” society. Rex Murphy and Ann Coulter believe that freedom of speech was infringed but when is Freedom of Speech taken too far? When does Freedomof Speech turn into Hate Speech? Days before Ann Coulter’s speech at Ottawa U she spoke at the University of Western Ontario, where she sparked controversy by saying that Muslims shouldn't be allowedto take airplanes as a form of travel, and they should take flying carpets instead. When a Muslim student told her "I don't have a flying carpet", Ann Coulter responded "Then take a camel.” to me Ann...
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