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Group Work

“Would you go on a reality show?”
* We think this text is about a person who gives his/her opinion about the reality show andprobably makes. Us think about it if it is correct or not. He/she will probably say if he/she would go on a reality show or not.
* Our opinion about what we think that title suggest were right, becausethe text talk about a person that gives her opinion about the reality show, like we think.
* This text is a girl’s opinion about the reality shows. It says that TV is now full of reality shows andshe is just tired of it, because, in every channel there is one brand new reality and if she wants to see and other kind of program, she just can’t do it.

* Vocabulary:

1) Bachelor –Solteirão (line 3);
2) “The Mole” – “O Paredão” (line 9 and 10);
3) Countless – inúmero, que não se pode contar (line 10);
4) Primetime Schedule – horário nobre (line 14);
5) Nowadays –nos dias de hoje, atualmente (line 14);
6) To jump on the bandwagon – juntar-se áqueles que ganham (line 16);
7) Bail – abandonar o avião e abrir o paraquédas para a seguramça (line 17);8) “The Chamber” – “A Camara” (line 23);
9) Freezing – que congele, glaciar (line 26);
10) Scorching hot – mesmo muito quente, a escaldar (line 27);
11) Punishment – Castigo (line 27);12) Depict – retrata (line 32).

* Questions:
1. Did she liked it when she first saw a reality show? After all the TV Channels started doing it, did she still like reality shows or not? Why?2. Does she believe that reality shows are educative?
3. Does she like to see people commenting and saying the words that people on reality shows use? How does she react to it?
4. Do youthink she would still go on a reality show? Why or why not?
5. Do you agree with this girl’s opinion? If you don’t, what is your opinion about that?

* Answers:
1. Yes, she liked it, but...