Allianz arena

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Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is a soccer stadium in the north of Munich in Germany, which is in the middle of Europe. The stadium offers 71.137 seats and is the third largest stadium inGermany.

History of the Stadium:
On the 21 October 2001, the citizen of Munich, decided about building a new soccer stadium in Munich or not. The selections ended with a yes for the new stadium and sothe city of Munich wanted to cull out the architect through an architectural competition. The Swiss architects Herzog and De Meuron have won the competition. They developed a project, which iscomparable to a soccer Stadium in Basel, Switzerland. The Foundations of the Stadium started in autumn 2002 and ended on the 30 April 2005.

Location of the Stadium:
The stadium is located in the north partof Munich, Germany. The Allianz Arena offers 11,000 visitor parking spots. The traffic at game days can be controlled due to close highway exits and entries. Furthermore the stadium is reachable bythe train and a suburban railway.

Characteristics of the stadium:

The Allianz Arena is an almost close soccer stadium; it is just the roof, which cannot be closed. The internationalcapability of the stadium is 67,812 seats, whereat the full capability of the stadium would be 71,138 seats. On January 2006 the government authorized 69,000 people in the stadium at a league game,due to an increase of visitors. The partial roof covers all seats, although winds can still blow rain onto some of them. Prior to the 2012–13 season, Bayern Munich announced that capacity had beenincreased to 71,000 for domestic matches and 68,000 for UEFA matches, with the addition of 2,000 seats in the upper tier of the arena. Allianz Arena also offers three day-care centers and two fan shops,the FC Bayern Munich Megastore and the TSV 1860 München Allianz Arena Megastore. Merchandise is offered at stands all along the inside of the exterior wall inside the area behind the seats. Numerous...