Alice in wonderland

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The Movie
 The movie escapes the original version we are all used to read and hear, which has already given a lot to talk among fans of history. Screenwriter Linda Woolverton (The Lion King andBeauty and the Beast) created mixed history of both Alice and Lewis turned to Tim Burton's Alice, 17-year-old who discovers she is marrying a man who not loves and ends up falling in Rabbit Hole, whereyour adventure begins.

The film's story
 Alice is 17, and goes on to follow a white rabbit in a hurry, who always looks on the clock. She goes into a hole leading to Wonderland, a place where itwas ten years ago though nothing to remember him. There she is hosted by the Mad Hatter and is dealing with fantastical creatures and magic, but the wrath of the Queen of Hearts.

The Queen of Hearts is mistaken for the Red Queen, which

appears following the story, Alice in the Looking-Glass, but have no feature in common except the character of being both queens. The Queenof Hearts belongs to a deck of cards that is present in the first book, while the Red Queen is represented by a red chess piece, as chess is the theme of this second book.  The name "Mad Hatter" wasbased on the phrase "Crazy for being a hatter.“  The movie was filmed with conventional cameras and then converted to 3D, some critics say they were disappointed in a matter of visual effects. Howeverthe film premiered in the U.S. on March 5 and struck box office record.




 Is the protagonist of the story, has blonde hair tied with a black tiara, is rationaland courageous, and go making considerations as the adventure continues.

White Rabbit

 Who is the adventure begins when Alice goes down the hole. He carries a watch and seems very late forsomething

Queen of Hearts

 It is perhaps the caricature of the Liddell sisters' mother, is extremely bossy and impulsive, being constantly ordering his soldiers (playing cards) behead all....
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