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Curso de Diseño y Edición Digital Temario Servisar

Curso de Diseño y Edición Digital Camera Cameras are the devices that capture and display the world to the player. By customizing and manipulating cameras, you can make the presentation of your game truly unique. You can have an unlimited number of cameras in a scene. They can be set to render in any order, at any place on the screen, or onlycertain parts of the screen.

Unity's flexible Camera object Properties Determines which parts of the screen will be cleared. This is handy when using multiple Cameras to draw different game elements. Color applied to the remaining screen after all elements in view have been drawn and there is no skybox. Include or omit layers of objects to be rendered by the Camera. Assign layers to yourobjects in the Inspector. Toggles the camera's capability to simulate perspective. Camera will render objects with perspective intact. Pág. 1

Clear Flags Background Culling Mask Projection Perspective

Curso de Diseño y Edición Digital Temario

Curso de Diseño y Edición Digital Temario Servisar

Orthographic Size (when Orthographic is selected) Field of view Clipping Planes Near Far

Camerawill render objects uniformly, with no sense of perspective. The viewport size of the Camera when set to Orthographic.

Width of the Camera's view angle, measured in degrees along the local Y axis. Distances from the camera to start and stop rendering. The closest point relative to the camera that drawing will occur. The furthest point relative to the camera that drawing will occur. Four valuesthat indicate where on the screen this camera view will be drawn, in Normalized View Port Rect Screen Coordinates (values 0-1). X The beginning horizontal position that the camera view will be drawn. Y The beginning vertical position that the camera view will be drawn. W (Width) Width of the camera output on the screen. H (Height) Height of the camera output on the screen. The camera's position inthe draw order. Cameras with a larger value will be Depth drawn on top of cameras with a smaller value. Rendering Path Options for defining what rendering methods will be used by the camera. Use Player Settings This camera will use whichever Rendering Path is set in the Player Settings. Vertex Lit All objects rendered by this camera will be rendered as Vertex-Lit objects. All objects will berendered with one pass per material, as was standard in Unity Forward 2.x. Deferred Lighting (Unity All objects will be drawn once without lighting, then lighting of all objects will be Pro only) rendered together at the end of the render queue. Reference to a Render Texture that will contain the output of the Camera view. Target Texture (Unity Making this reference will disable this Camera'scapability to render to the Pro/Advanced only) screen. Details Cameras are essential for displaying your game to the player. They can be customized, scripted, or parented to achieve just about any kind of effect imaginable. For a puzzle game, you might keep the Camera static for a full view of the puzzle. For a first-person shooter, you would parent the Camera to the player character, and

Curso deDiseño y Edición Digital Temario

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Curso de Diseño y Edición Digital Temario Servisar

place it at the character's eye level. For a racing game, you'd likely want to have the Camera follow your player's vehicle. You can create multiple Cameras and assign each one to a different Depth. Cameras are drawn from low Depth to high Depth. In other words, a Camera with a Depth of 2 will be drawnon top of a Camera with a depth of 1. You can adjust the values of the Normalized View Port Rectangle property to resize and position the Camera's view onscreen. This can create multiple mini-views like missile cams, map views, rear-view mirrors, etc. Render Path Unity supports different Rendering Paths. You should choose which one you use depending on your game content and target platform /...