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A,a/ei –Airplane, Almost, Alone, Angry
The plane took off two hours late.
Yesterday I almost made a goal.
Today I'll be home alone.
I'm very angry.
B,b/bi - Bathe, Beach, Broke, Book
Hetook a bath in the house of friend.
I went to the beach fortress.
He broke the clay jar.
I read a very good book.
C,c/si – Characters, Chicago, Cloudy, Cook
The characters of the film work verywell.
The city of Chicago is very beautiful.
The weather is cloudy.
My mom can cook very well.
D,d/di – During, Drunk, Dessert, Dentist
During the funeral car broke down and fell dead.
The drunkfell on the sidewalk
This being very tasty dessert
I went to the dentist yesterday
E,e/i – Earlier, Earrings, Easy, Elevator
Wake up early if you want to get the time in class.
Her earrings arebeautiful.
This proof is very easy.
The elevator has problem

F,f/ef – Fake, Fat, Flag, Flog
You are too fake.
He is too fat to sit in the chair.
The flag of the United States is very beautiful.This road has a lot of fog.
G,g/gee – Girlfriend, Grandmother, Grass, Game
I love my girlfriend.
I live at my grandma.
The neighbor's grass is always greener than ours.
The Brazil game was verygood today.
H,h/aitch – Happy, Hug, Headache,
Today I am very happy.
I need a hug so tight.
I with to much headache.
The hair on my girlfriend is very beautiful.
I,i/ai – Impossible,Important, Internet, Immediately
The film is very cool mission impossible.
It is very important in my life.
I use the internet daily.
When she called me immediately went to the house.
J,j/jay –January, Japan, Jump,
My mother's birthday is in January.
The Japan lost to Brazil.
I have to jump as high as you can.
Just listen to what I tell you.

K,k/kay – Keys, King, kiss, Knife
The designof the keys is very mass.
The King of England gave 3 million.
I want to kiss her.
I grabbed the knife that was in the kitchen.
L,l/el – Lazy, Left, Lawyer, Later
I am very lazy
Turn left...
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