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Blacksmiths: make things from iron (ferreiros)

Builders: construct houses, schools, etc. (construtores)

Dressmakers: make ladies’ clothes.(costureiras)

Barbers: cut men’s hair andshave them. (barbeiros)

Accountants: keep and examine money accounts. (contabilistas)

Nannies: care for little children. (amas)

Cab drivers: drive taxis. (taxistas)

Radiographers: makex-ray images. (radiologista)

Bricklayers: build walls with bricks. (pedreiros)

Motor mechanics: repair cars and motorbikes. (mecânico de motores)

Lorry drivers: drive large goods vehicles.(camionistas)

Draughtsmen: make plans and technical drawings. (desenhador)

Firefighters: put out fires and rescue people. (bombeiros)

Lawyers: give legal advice. (advogados)

Stevedores anddockers: load and unload ships. (estivadores e portuários)

Shoemakers: make and mend footwear. (sapateiros)

Farmers: plant and harvest crops. (agricultores)

Tour guides: tell visitors aboutplaces. (guias de turismo)

Shop assistants: serve customers in shop. (assistentes de loja)

Fishermen: catch sardine, cod, etc. (pescadores)

Nurses: take care of sick people. (enfermeiros)Receptionists: receive people when they arrive. (recepcionistas)

Hairdressers: wash and arrange women’s hair (cabeleireiros)

Cooks: prepare meals in kitchens. (cozinheiros)

Secretaries: assistadministration in offices. (secretários )

Disk jockeys (DJs): play music in discos. (DJ)

Job and workplaces

Musician: concert hall

Salesperson: shop

Waiter: restaurant


Cashier: bank

Miner: mine

Porter: hotel

Dustman: street

Judge: court

Broker: stock exchange

Photographer: studio

Chancellor: university

Typist: office

Dentist: surgeryVicar: church


Discuss: discussion

Agree: agreement

Decide: decision

Televise: television

Govern: governor

Hesitate: hesitation

Organize: organization...
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