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Economic Order Quantity Inventory Management Spreadsheet


Our EOQ Inventory management spreadsheet (with searching function) is design for smallbusiness owners or inventory management professionals to track inventory and view automatic alerts when the inventory level lower than the re-order point. Wecalculate the Re-order point and get the optimal order quantities by using the build in EOQ model. It help the business owner easy to management their inventory itemswith the in to an optimal model, and cut down the business cost. The best part of this spreadsheet is we create an “Inventory list Summary” by using the inventorydata, inventory manager can searching the inventory items by using the inventory items name. It help user cut down a lot of searching time and increases theirproductivities.
We also allot user input their inventory photos into the spreadsheet, it will be a great help for them to identify their inventory by visually.
Comparewith the other EOQ software, EOQ inventory spreadsheet is very flexible and easy to use, with an affordable price. It may be expanded to support more than 65,000products by anyone with a basic knowledge of Excel.

• Save time by using a pre-designed template to manage your inventory.
• Reduce costly stockshortages by setting reorder tolerance levels appropriate for your business.






Our software runson any version of Microsoft Excel from 97-2007

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