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  • Publicado : 24 de novembro de 2011
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My Childhood

For me describe a situation in my childhood is not easy. All my moments was unforgettable and is impossible describe with precision those wonderful moments. I could start describingsome toys, like my first doll, that was blond, medium size, and with a pink dress. This would be a good description for a little girl, but I was a little different that my girls friends. I had acouple of dolls which I played just few times. I preferred play with my cousins with balls, skates, bikes or some others radicals sports. I always preferred games more exciting than dolls.
Practicallyevery day I came home with a bruise. One day I was playing rollerblading with my friends and I fall on the sidewalk. The result was a finger without nail. With my fall I ripped my nail from my littlefinger in my hand. I was nine years old and I came home running, crying desperately, and screaming to my mom help me. After this day I stopped to play with rollerblading for some months.
Other gamesthat I liked, was create new things. I always was inventing new games and building some houses for my games. I build a tunnel inside of my house with all scarf over that I found, chairs, tables,blankets and others stuffs. Was a big creation. When I finished I was so excited because I did a really good job. I expend all my afternoon playing with my new creation, I really loved that but who didn’tlike was my mom. When my mom arrived at home, she was chocked. She couldn’t walk inside, because I constructed my tunnel in all space at living room, anyone could walk there. My mom was really angrywith me, because that night we would have a dinner with some relatives. She made me clean it up in some minutes, because we didn’t have much time. I needed destroy all my exciting creation but this wasnot enough to make me stop with my inventions.
I was many things when I was child like doctor, lawyer, manager, dentist, spy, and other exciting things! Every day I changed my profession and...