Adapting schools to face the challenge: digital natives

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  • Publicado : 31 de outubro de 2012
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Name: Sunamita Porte da Rosa
Big Assignment (rewrite)
Adapting schools to face the challenge: digital natives
Digital natives is the generation that was born and raised before the internetand other technologies. Basically, digital natives is a term that defines those born after the 90s that was attributed to the everyday internet, cell phones and other enabling technologies daily.Digital natives are known for being able to do many tasks simultaneously. Digital natives can trace a method of organization that make tasks, not simultaneously, but the brain can adapt quickly to what theyintend to do at the moment. Certainly, this method causes many interruptions in what we are making.
We realize that with this immense technology that is presented to digital natives, the traditionalschool can become tedious and deterrent for youth. Well, it's hard to pay attention in a blackboard inanimate blackboard and the word of the teacher, when the student has an instrument with a windowto the world (notebooks, cell phones, etc.). The use of laptops, tablets and mobile phones become very common in the classroom. But sometimes the teacher feels intimidated facing this technology;because this technology can be much more attractive to the student than the proposed content in the classroom. Certainly, there are teachers who do not adapt to technology and don't evolve with thegeneration of digital natives, because some teachers believe that technology can affect the academic performance of the student, and this technology can distract the student.
There are many schools thatadvocate the use of technology for teaching, because the technology can be a great ally in student learning. In Brazil, there is a federal government program, called One Laptop per Student, whichprovides an incentive for public schools to purchase computers for student use. This initiative has produced many positive results in schools. In private schools, laptops and notebooks are already in...
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