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Adam's Song
Ano: 1999 - Album: Enema of the State (Delonge / Hoppus)

InTrO: D----4-0----4-0----4-0----4-0----4-0----4-0----4-0----4-0---A--2------2------0------0----------------------------------- E------------------------------3------3------0------3-------

D G5 B5G5 D
I never thought_ I'd die alone_ I laughed the lou_dest who'd have known_?
G5 DG5 D
I trace the cord_ back to the wall_ No wonder it was never plugged in at all_
G5 B5 G5D
I took my time_, I hur_ried up_ The choice was mine_ I didn't think enough_
G5 D G5I'm too depressed_, to go on_ You'll be sor_ry_ when I'm gone_

ocultar tablatura

Riff2aG------0------0------0------0------------------------------ D----7------7------9------9------4-0----4-0----4-0----4-0-- A--5------5------7------7------2------2--------------------E--------------------------------------------3------3------

D5 Em Bm G D5
I ne__ver con_quered, rarelycame - six_teen_ just held_ such better days
D5 Em Bm G D5
Days when I__ still felt alive__ We couldn't wait__to get outside_
E5 B5 G5 D5
The world_ was wide_, too late_ to try_ The tour was o_ver, we'd...
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