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Integrated coastal zone management: use of Geographical Information Systems as a tool for characterization of sea shrimp farm areas in southern Brazil
Rodrigo Randow deFREITAS I, Carlos HARTMANN 2J , Luis Henrique da 51 .. 4 POERSCH 31 and Paulo Roberto Armanini TAGLlANI /
1/&3/ Funda9iio Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Departamento de Oceanografia, Laborat6ria "'"Maricultura, Esta9iio Marinha de Aquacu/tura, Cassino, CP. 474, 96201-900, Rio Grande, Brazil Funda9iio Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, LOGIDGEOIFURG, Av. /talia, km 8, C.P. C~ 96201-900, RioGrande, RS, Brazil Funda9iio Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Departamento de Oceanografia, Laborat6ria "'" Gerenciamento Costeiro, Av. /talia, km 8, CP. 474, 96201-900, Rio Grande, RS, Brazil


In the Rio Grande do Sui state, sea shrimp farming activity is in expansion ever since exotic shrimp Litopenaeus vanname! was introduced. Today, four farms are produc . e the state, and areinstalled in the municipal districts of Sao Jose do Norte and Rio Gra s another four farms already possess previous license for work. Along with the ac' . '5 potential productive growth comes an increaseof environmental and socioeconomic im risks, which can directly affect sustainability of the activity. Several examples confirm, ;~~ statement, with similar problems reported for countries that saw theexponential grow their activity, but with consequent productive, legal and environmental problems. There'IOI1 a manner of proViding long-lasting development of the activity is through planning adecision management of enterprise development at coastal areas, by emplo' " Geographical Information Systems (SIG). The present study proposed the identificatio ~ characterization of areas destined to seashrimp farming in RS, supported by 0 (ETM+/Landsat, Google Earth), airborne (35 mm/ADAR 1000 system), terrestrial (RIC 500SE) and field expedition remote sensing techniques and methods, integrating...