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Target: Students with basic level of English
Duration: 1 hour
Material: Video and Worksheets
Focus: Language abilities, communicative approach
Objectives: Students will beable to communicate in a real situation of buying food. They will recognize some chunks that will be useful for the situation and plenty vocabulary. In the beginning of the class, a warm-up makesstudents feel comfortable in the class and links to the topic of the lesson plan.
Lesson Plan
Warm-up: Do the Mime Game. The student has to act how he/she feels, according to a previous paper withthese sentences ( I am so hot, I am really tired, I am really thirsty, I am so bored, I am so sleepy and I am so hungry). Then, the other students have to figure out the feeling ( What’s the matterwith him/her?) and give advices ( Have a soda./ Why don’t you go swimming?). The last one should be ( I am so hungry, so go to a restaurant) to link to next topic.
Engage: Show a commercial about afast food restaurant ( Friendly’s) and ask what the commercial is about, the content in it and the name of the restaurant.
Study: Ask students to put a dialog, about ordering food, in the correctorder. Make the students classify the sentences into waiter speech and costumer speech. Correct it and show the possibility of changing vocabulary when is possible.
Activate: Ask students to make a realsituation in a fast food restaurant, give them some time to prepare it and present to the class.

O Communicative Language Teaching, também chamado Communicative Approach ou FunctionalApproach, é a versão britânica do movimento iniciado no início da década de 60 em reação ao estruturalismo (estudo das formas da língua, de sua estrutura gramatical) e do behaviorismo (reflexos condicionadosmoldando o comportamento).
A combinação do estruturalismo na lingüística e do behaviorismo na psicologia educacional haviam dado origem ao audiolingualism, os métodos audioorais e audiovisuais...