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  • Publicado : 15 de janeiro de 2013
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The Phoenix Armory for Female Wardens
*Please read the instructions and view the attached images before using this mod*

A Full Set of Weapons and Armors for Female Rogues. This Project wasinspired by the Fiery Phoenix of the Far East, the Matriarch of birds and couterpart to the Dragon.

What This kit contains:
         

Twin Phoenix Claw Daggers and their superior versions.Phoenix Eye Bow and its superior version. Phoenix Arrows (Fury, Gaze, Wrath, Spirit, Insight, Pride) Phoenix-Recruit Armor Phoenix-Scout Armor Phoenix-Battlemaiden Armor Phoenix-Matriarch Armor CustomWeapons and Armor meshes Works with female elves, humans, and dwarves Includes all LOD (level of detail) models and textures *For more info, please see the attached images: -PhoenixArmory_ItemStats_Weapon.jpg - PhoenixArmory_ItemStats_Arrows.jpg - PhoenixArmory_ItemStats_Armor.jpg

 

Extract the rar install the dazip with either the DAUpdater or the DAModmanager

UDKpatch Installation:

copy "XT_PhoenixArmory_UDK_Patch" folder to Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

  

The Phoenix-Recruit armor set is sold by the Quartermaster atOstagar King's Camp during the day. The Daggers and the Bow are in the Mage's Chest at night, after the joining ritual and right before the Ostagar battle. The entire Phoenix set excluding theRecruit Armor are available at Bodahn's store at the party camp and Yuria at Vigil's Keep *Please refer to (PhoenixArmory_Merchants.jpg) for more info*

*intended for Nightmare difficulty* UDK Patch*Requires The Universal Dye Kit*
*DO NOT install this patch if you don't have Nezroy's Universal Dye Kit as this will mess up the textures*

Changes to the Phoenix Armory after installing the UDK Patch: 

All items will change to their hideous default material tints The Default Phoenix Quiver (when equiping the bow without arrows) looses its default red color and can't be dyed, but the...