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The book tells the story of Forrest Gump, an ordinary man. So ... when he was a child he went to his first school and nobody liked him but there was a girl named Jenny, who liked Forrest, andsometimes she walked home with him. Then Forrest went to another school and stayed there for 5 or 6 years. One day, a car stopped next to Forrest and the driver asked him if he played football and Forrestsaid no and the driver went away. Later, Forrest discovered that the driver was a football coach and he took him to a new high school to play football in him team and all that Forrest needed to do wasto run with the ball. Then he discovered that Jenny was in that school and he invited her to go to the cinema and somehow Forrest pulled her dress and he went to the police station and received aletter from an university so he went there to play football again and his team won the first game. And in that night he met a man called Bubba who was playing the harmonica and then the man let him playthe harmonica too so that was the beginning of a true friendship. Next day, he saw Jenny and she invited him to listen to her group and Forrest said ok. On Friday night, when the group was singing,Forrest suddenly started to play the harmonica and everybody loved. But then, Forrest couldn't stay at the university so he went home and discovered that he was going to the army. He passed all his timetraining and gaining skills. And after a year he went to vietnam to fight in the war. the enemy soldier tried to blow them for 5 followed nights and when the fire stopped he met Bubba but the firestarted again.

During the war Bubba said to Forrest that his dream was to do a shrimp business but one day the firing started again and Bubba died but before that he said ''Home'' so Forrestwas sad and then he went to the hospital because he was hurt. After 2 months in the hospital a Colonel said that Forrest was going to see the president who gave a medal to him. After that, Forrest...
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